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Turfgrass Seed

At Lawn Tamer, we mainly use one type of turfgrass seed, Tall Fescue. There has been a lot of research and practical evidence that has led us to believe this is the most desirable species to use in our central Indiana lawns to achieve the best lawns possible. We have attended many educational events and have had many discussions with turfgrass professors and professionals who have all recommended that we use tall fescue seed. Some of the reasons it is better than other species are:

  1. Tall fescue has the highest heat, traffic, and drought tolerance of all the cool season grasses

  2. It is very well adapted to wet soil conditions

  3. Tall fescue can tolerate partially shaded sites

  4. It can produce a deep root system even in heavy clay soils

  5. Has a darker green color than other species

  6. Can be more resistant to disease

The newer varieties have a much finer leaf blade, giving it a softer feel. It also has a very dense growing habit, which makes the lawn seem more full. We use this seed to install new turf areas, as well as overseeding after aeration in the fall. If you would like to sign up for a fall aeration followed by an overseeding of tall fescue seed, please call the office to schedule.

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