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Lawn Treatments


We offer a variety of lawn treatments that will leave your lawn healthy, full, and pest free.  Our treatments range from:

  • Fertilization (Liquid and Dry)

  • Grub Worm Treatments

  • Disease Control Treatments

  • Weed Control Treatments

  • Core-Aerification/Overseeding

  • Foliar Insect Treatments

When it comes to trees and shrubs, we provide many services to keep your ornamental plants thriving and free of damaging pests and diseases.  Our tree and shrub services include:


  • Insecticide Applications

  • Disease Control Applications

  • Dormant Oil Applications

  • Deep Root Fertilization

  • Emerald Ash Borer Control

Tree and Shrub


Additional Services


In addition to lawn and tree applications, we offer several other services that eliminate unwanted weeds in non-crop areas, and protect your home as well as your loved ones (furry ones included) from harmful insect pests. These services include:


  • Vegetation Control

  • Brush Control in Non-Crop Areas

  • Flea and Tick Control

  • Perimeter Pest/Insect Control

  • Adult Mosquito Treatment

  • Summer Insect Package

The summer insect package includes 1 perimeter pest control treatment and 1 adult mosquito treatment per year.  This treatment protects your home from invasive insects with an insecticide application around the exterior of your home to protect against crickets, ants, spiders, millipedes, etc.  It also includes the application of your living area around your home to fight off adult mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other harmful insects.  Adult mosquitos can carry Encephalitis and West Nile Virus, and can endanger your family, but with this treatment you can rest at ease knowing that you are taking steps to make your loved ones safe.  Try it, you’ll love it!!
Call our office to inquire about prices.

summer insect package

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