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Does my lawn need Sulfur?

Based on hundreds of soil tests taken from Clinton County and surrounding areas, the soil pH is generally too high. By applying sulfur to your lawn, this will begin to lower the soil pH and will effectively allow the soil nutrients to be readily available to the turfgrass plant. This application has many benefits, and it is very cost efficient because it supplies two nutrients, nitrogen and sulfur. The sulfur is immediately available because it is already in the form that plant roots can take up. The nitrogen in this application is less susceptible to leaching, volatilization and de-nitrification. This means that the nitrogen will be easily taken up by the plants and it is very unlikely to be lost to the atmosphere or due to runoff. This will also lead to enhanced disease suppression in your lawns.

You will notice a deeper green color, and a denser lawn with this application of sulfur, and it will be more drought tolerant, as well as more winter hardy. Sulfur also stimulates micro-organisms in the soil to help dissolve nutrients which are then taken up by the plant roots. Your lawn will appear more attractive in many aspects, although this will not completely correct the soil pH in just one year. Please be patient, as treatments of sulfur year after year will continually improve the visual appearance of your lawn, as well as the overall health of the plants.

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