QWill receiving a grub control insecticide reduce my mole problem?
AIn most cases, no. 90% of a mole's diet is earthworms and only 10% grubworms. So you could see a reduction in mole activity from an insecticide, but the control would be marginal.
QMy lawn has a lot of crabgrass, should I focus on treatments or overseeding or both?
AIn most cases an aggressive 5-7 application program will solve the problem. The most common mistake is homeowners neglect treatments to seed. This is a huge mistake. Treatments first, seed second.
QI am getting lawn treatments, a spring application and a fall application, but my lawn is not filling in like I had hoped. Why aren't those treatments helping?
AA spring and fall approach is a bare bones approach, it is never recommended, but homeowners select it for cost savings. When you only select 2 treatments per year, you should expect modest results. Like my dad always said... "do not expect a Cadillac at a Chevy price." Increasing treatments will solve problems, guaranteed!
QMy wife likes the lawn cut short at 2", but now my yard has a lot of crabgrass in July, why do I have crabgrass if you are treating for it?
ACutting height is the most important thing in controlling weeds. Cutting the lawn at 2" instead of 3" increases crabgrass 50-100%. A small thing like raising cutting height will guarantee results with treatments. But proper mowing is just as important and often overlooked.
QWhat is the best grass to grow in Clinton County?
AThe best kind of grass you can grow in this area is Kentucky Blue grass or Tall Fescue.
QHow much water should my lawn need a week?
ALawns need about 1" - 2" of water a week for good growth.
QWhat time of the year is best for sowing grass seed?
AAugust 15 - September 15 is the best time of the year to plant grass seed.
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